What our staff are saying:


What I like about working for DTS is the ability to work as part of a team, who is dedicated to provide high quality products to help maintain and advance our customers telecommunication platforms. The work environment inspires creativity as well as opportunity to advance one's self, as well as the employees working with them.




Communications is the new frontier.  With constantly evolving concepts and technologies there are opportunities for exploration around every corner.



What I like about working for DTS is the fact that everyone knows everyone. We work closely together and on any given day any given person can help you out, teach you something new and even surprise you. Thank you DTS for the wonderful work environment you provide us!


“DTS is a fast paced environment where new challenges present themselves every day.  Through teamwork, both with co-workers and external agencies, these challenges are overcome and resolved, providing quality workmanship and pride in our product.”


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