Network Implementation

We offer a full suite of head end and data centre installation services including:


• Network Equipment Installation - Electronics and Passives

• Network Cabling – Coaxial, Category 5/6, intra-facility fibre jumpers and bundles

• AC and DC Power Installations, additions and removals

• Core and Platform Upgrades/Rebuilds

• Live Cutovers

• Optical node turn up and testing

• DWDM and Transport network installation and commissioning

• Commercial CWDM/EON network turn up and testing (head end and customer premise)

• Turnkey Solutions

• Network Maintenance/Technical Service

• Inventory Audits

• Equipment and cable removals; site decommissioning

• Equipment procurement, management and logistics




  It has been said that making changes to a live head end is like “painting a moving train without the passengers seeing you.” With the amount of activity taking place in a live head end on any given day, it can be very challenging to implement a major change, for example, a platform upgrade that requires new electronics, upgrades to existing electronics, and a new combining scheme.  DTS accomplishes this feat by diligently planning out a staged approach to implementation, and working with project stakeholders to secure timely change-control authorization, and ensuring all parties understand their role during the critical provisioning and cutover phases.  Through sound project management, detailed design plans, and documented procedures, customer impact is minimized.

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