DTS provides network facilities engineering and implementation services including:


• Installation of primary power distribution equipment, bus bar system, rectifiers and invertors

• BDFB installation and commissioning

• Battery installation, upgrades and removals; monitoring and maintenance programs

• Power feed cable installation and removals

• Cable tray, framing and support structure installation

• Rack, Tray and Trough Installation

• Site power rebalancing/rearrangement of live circuits

• Design services – detailed head end designs, single line drawings, AC and DC power plants

• Detailed audit services for head ends and data centres (space, power, cooling)

• Forecasting of space, power, and cooling requirements



  Being fluent in both the network, and the facility, gives our customers a unique advantage. We can pinpoint the facility requirements of a network upgrade, and make facility upgrade recommendations accordingly, avoiding any unwanted surprises.  Our responsive and agile team is able to fast-track projects to ensure timely completion.

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